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Dark Turnings – Jennifer Jones I

Dark Turnings, the first in a series of fantasy novels for young adults, is now available in paperback or on Kindle.

Some doors should not be opened.
Some roads should not be crossed.
Some mistakes cannot be undone …
And sometimes, there is no turning back.

Jennifer Jones is an ordinary young woman. But sometimes, extraordinary things happen to ordinary people.

When Jennifer and her friends are flung into a world they do not understand, they accidentally release an ancient demon, a monster of vast cunning, malice and power. Imprisoned for 1,000 years, it is now free to wreak a terrifying vengeance.

Determined to undo the harm they have caused, Jennifer and her friends follow it into corridors connecting countless worlds and times, and from there, into a gentle world of trees and mountains, sunlight and springs. They are all that stands between a peaceful people and a destroyer of worlds.

Jennifer and her friends are courageous, creative and loyal. But can courage and loyalty be enough against a power so dark, and so full of hate?

Evil is real. So are innocence and courage. Light stands against darkness in a battle for life.

Jennifer Jones: Dark Turnings is a young adults’ fantasy adventure in the tradition of the Hobbit and the Chronicles of Narnia